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The Catbox

I like pie. I'm an old fart who wants the damn kids off her lawn. I am easily distracted by robots and would love to host an evening where Mega Man (ALL OF THEM), Astro Boy, and Data all got together to play Monopoly or something.

I've had this journal for a long time, bahleeted the old content after strikethrough in 07, and moved away. I kept the account to keep track of my friends.

Two years later I finally wussed out and started crossposting entries. I still refuse to post my fanfiction here, and if there's another massive cock-up I may restrict information that makes its way here again (I'll probably lock entries off DW from comments before I do another mass bahleetion, though, unless it's a really royal cock-up). I'm not going to give LJ any of my money, and if you're tempted to gift me paid time please donate it to a worthy cause instead.

Everything else = The Catbox @ Dreamwidth